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Bike with left side seat and right side luggage rack

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Twin bike with luggage rack on the right side instead of pedals. Equipped with two gears on the drive train for heavy loads and steep hills.


Bike sizing:

  • Riders from 1m50 up to 1m90.
  • Seat moves back and forward like in a car
  • Seat can be moved up and down in 5 steps
  • Frame can be changed in length in 3 steps (S, M, L). This takes about an hour and tools are needed.
  • The handle bar can be moved up/down and in/outFrame breaks down into 5 parts.
  • This has proven to be a huge benefit in terms of maintenance, repair ability and transportation.
  • Power: 250w e-assist (500W for North America)
  • Max speed: 25km/h for Europe, 30km/h for North America (can be changed on the display background menu)
  • Maximum rider weight: 120kg
  • Frame material: 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Approximated bike weight 60kg
  • Can be equipped with an optional chair for a passenger.


Luggage rack:

  • Rated for 50kg load
  • 45cmx77cm platform



  • Samsung Lithium Ion
  • 48v – 20Ah (other sizes also available)
  • About a 40~60km range per battery depending on load and assist level
  • Room for 2 spare batteries. This has proven to be a huge benefit in terms of bike readiness.
  • Affordable and easy to replace/recycle at end of life.
  • GenX™ drive by wire generator:
  • gear count: 22, higher gears can be locked out.
  • Pedaling Nm and Wattage limit: 70Nm – 500W
  • Start-up gear can be set to preference.
  • No maintenance
  • Easy to replace
  • Firmware can be updated.


Traction motor:

  • 500W RMS(250W drive by wire, 250W Assist), 1200W peak. High efficient sine wave permanent magnet motor with active fan and aluminum housing.
  • Gearbox: All hardened steel gears and differential in oil bath. 2 gears are controlled by a manual gear changer.
    • 220Nm in low gear – 12km/h max speed – extreme hill climbing abilities
    • 90Nm in high gear – 25km/h max speed
  • Modular – easy to maintain and replace.
  • Standard regenerative braking up to 550W (can be adjusted on the display background menu)
  • The assist strength can be set on the display.
  • Reverse mode (can be controlled by throttle if present)



  • Sine wave 500W RMS; 1200W peak. Embedded into the bike frame.
  • Equipped with temperature sensor and automatic temperature rollback to protect equipment.
  • Can be equipped with a throttle. The further the throttle is engaged, the more torque you get for precise control of the bike. It can legally be used in Europe as a walk assist if limited to 6km/h. This has proven to be useful for extra control of the bike inside a warehouse.
  • Large LCD with USB output for charging a device
  • 11 background display parameters that can be changed to customize your bikes characteristics.
  • Firmware can be updated.
  • Rear wheels: 3.5-10 aluminum rims, motorcycle style disc brakes. Rated for 200 kg/wheel.
  • Front wheel: 20″ cast magnesium bicycle wheel with mechanical disc brakes. Equipped with ebike anti flat tire.
  • Front fork: downhill style heavy duty suspension fork
  • The front and rear mud guards.


  • Front led light with high brightness. Embedded horn that can be controlled from the handlebars
  • 4 Rear led lights with embedded brake light feature. (brightness goes up when brake is operated)


    • Width: 1 m
    • Length: 1.81 m


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