The Geminus™ Cargo bike is a no nonsense work horse. This while keeping a flexible modular bike based on interchangeable building blocks. Any setup can be converted to any other setup by changing out parts.

We aim at serving those who need to carry a little more … or a lot more. Daily 3euro pallets deliveries? Not a problem. A fridge today, a couch tomorrow? Not a problem. Fire wood for you brother? Not a problem.

Who are we? A dynamic multidisciplinary team that believes in focusing on client needs. This by active collaboration with our target market during development. Modern techniques like rapid prototyping, lean development and others make for faster and more efficient development iterations.

To give clients the best possible product our strategy is to own full intellectual property of the software, design and keep in house control over the manufacturing. As a result we can offer a fully customizable solutions. This without constraints.

We hold sustainable development in high regards, as a result all our products can be easily repaired, recycled and reused. Our team believes that corporations mean to make for a more sustainable society.

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Happy pedaling!

The Geminus™ Cargo Team!