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A no nonsense workhorse!

  • Maintenance free chainless design (drive by wire with our proprietary GenX™ generator).
    • Easy and intuitive to use.
    • Standard with 22 gears and a display to customize your drive characteristics.
  • Modular design. Change your bike to suit your needs.
  • Regenerative braking or pedaling at standstill both extend your range.
  • Available set-ups:
    • 2 seat side by side tandem.
    • 4 seat double side by side tandem.
    • Cargo (right side pedals are replaced by a luggage rack; a passenger can still occasionally join by quickly adding the optional seat)
    • Can hooked up to many different trailers. These trailers can be hooked up even to a 4 seat double side by side tandem.

The XXL trailer has a net carrying capacity of 450Kg

The lift trailer has a carrying capacity of 250Kg

The twin rack has a carrying capacity of 50kg and the back of the bike can carry another 50kg.